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Love of Christ – A Haiku

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Author, Artist

Petals of a rose

Soft to the touch, then scattered

their scent to be shared

By Martha L Shaw – © 1-9-2015

rose petals

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The Way Home

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Author, Artist

Oh, the search, so far and wideFor changing leaves or changing tide. A mansion on a hill so high,Or sleeping bag beneath the sky? The road, so long with many lanes . . .     At times by foot but oft by planes. Will my journey ever end?Or, will another cloud descend? Then, looking in your eyes I knew,And every doubt suddenly flew! For home is not a place apart,But somewhere deep within the heart. By Martha L Shaw © 1-15-2014


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The Stranger’s Cat

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Author, Artist


Glancing outside my window

and across the street,

I see a tired home

in near darkness.

I wonder who lives there

for I have never seen

your face

oh neighbor of mine.

I wonder if you are happy

or sad,

tall or short.

I know you have love in your heart,

for I have met your cat.

I see the garage door

is always left open . . .

not much,

but just enough for my furry friend

to pass in and out.

I’d like to someday meet

the one who loves my furry friend.

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright – 1-30-2013

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