Blessings from a weekend spent with Christ

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Many will agree that Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island is a God filled place.  To stand in Kimbel Chapel and merely look out the window bank allows an infilling of the Holy Spirit…at least for me.

Cursillo is that type of experience for me – spending time away from the “real world” and drawing closer to my Savior.  Each weekend I experience I learn more and more.

This weekend most of what I learned was about prayer.  Not “how to pray” but just “pray”.

Some of my friends are self proclaimed atheists and consider God a non-entity.  I love and respect the choice.  With any luck, they love and respect my choice to believe that when our time here on earth is done, that we have been promised abundant riches in Heaven…and through dedicating your time here on earth to walking with Christ, you can experience all that God…

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