Walking In Faith and Fear

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Author, Artist


I have been facing a combination of spiritual growing pains and delight in serving my beloved Lord, Jesus Christ.  In this time He has continually taught me to trust Him.  It is a lifelong lesson but some of the things I have learned, even today and right this moment, counter what “they say” loudly.

It is a constant need to ignore those who loudly say that if we fear and if we worry our hearts are not His.  LIES people.  He knows our hearts better than we ourselves do.  We are human, we sin, we are forgiven.  Our sins of tomorrow were forgiven on the cross!  His love is beyond our ability to comprehend or to measure.  Now, how the day began . . .

Wick Awaiting Fire


I hunger for the sweetness of your voice

In the silence . . .

Seeking direction,

Seeking joy,

I look…

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