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It is Lent, a season in the liturgical Christian year in which we walk with Christ in the final days of His ministry in His human form.  It is a season of 40 days duration, not counting Sundays and as it closes we celebrate Easter.  During this time the eruptions of Hallelujah are laid aside as we fast and devote ourselves to other spiritual disciplines.

It has always seemed a sad, gray, lifeless time to me.  The hymns sung at church are “low” both in spirit and in note to this soprano, or so it has seemed.  I miss my shouts of hallelujah and the many joyful and lively hymns as we, it has always seemed, focus on “from dust thou art.”  It has always seemed to me that to focus on death, which has always appeared to me to be the theme of Lent, is just wrong.


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