We Were Not Meant To Be Self-Confident

Read:  Isaiah 41:11-12

Thought For The Day:   “Their confidence hangs by a thread. They are leaning on a spider’s web.”  Job 8:14

It’s Monday and we’ve been refreshed by Sabbath and are now in a new week and facing new challenges and opportunities.  The news does not inspire confidence in me.  Television, radio, newspapers, social media . . . I had to block one person from posting on one of my “walls” because the constant postings of SCREAMINGLY negative messages LITERALLY A DOZEN IN A 15 MINUTE TIME FRAME were more than I could take.

Many times in life I have been full of self-confidence and assurance that I had it all together.  Funny, as I look back at that time I realize that life looked pretty . . . enough of this and plenty of that, yet the things I put my faith in were simply “this world” and while it made the neighbors say “ahhh” it wasn’t enough.

Life changes and sometimes we don’t see things as they are because our eyes are looking at things of this world.  When suddenly I ran short of things of this world, I was pretty shaken up.  I cried out.  I realized I was placing my confidence in the things of this world, and in myself.  It pleased those who didn’t really know me.  It pleased some of those who thought they knew me.  It didn’t please me.  I thought it did.  Things of this world are so temporary and for me to place my faith in them may give me a temporary lift but I was sure to crash when they were taken away or simply ran their course.

I thought I could handle anything.  But life in this world showed me I couldn’t rely on myself alone.  I found the crying out responded to by an inner voice.  A divine one.  One that led to my experiencing joy without the things that impressed the neighbors.  I found that the things I used to have which made me feel I had it all together were slipping away and yet there was a new confidence in me that I couldn’t entirely understand but which made me feel richer even when the bank account and the economy and the prospects the human can see look dim.  Wow.  It came from the Lord.  That “bank” account can’t go broke.  Oh, I can take my eyes off it just as I do the bank statement which comes in the mail and causes my heart to stop and my fear to rise as the balance drops.  But whether the human changes her focus temporarily or not, the Lord is still holding me close  and He’s got it all together.  He holds me together.  He holds the answers to the questions I have yet to ask Him.

So this morning when I woke with a start to things piling up on me and found panic setting in, I thought of calling a friend, I thought of texting a “WOW, I FEEL AWFUL TODAY, PRAY” to another, but this time did neither.  Not saying support from friends and prayer support are wrong, but letting go of “me” and seeking Him needed to come first for me.  When life gets too big, and I am at a loss for words, a shaky Lord HELP”  is more than enough.  He was waiting for me to see Him standing there and to realize He was hugging me close to Himself.

I don’t know where the challenges of world economy, politics, and my own human failures will lead, but I do know that I was never meant to rely on me.  I was meant to rely on Him.  When I do, shiny baubles don’t seem to gleam as brightly as the love in His eyes.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for holding me close even when I was restless and looking away from you.  Help me to live as your loving daughter fully confident in you.  Direct my feet on your path and let me not be distracted by earthly things.  Teach me to be a reflection of you in all I do.  Amen.


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