Feeling Weak? Rejoice!

Read:  Isaiah 40:28-30

Thought for the day:  ““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:11-12 NIV

One of my favorite “spiritual giants” has been saying over and over, when I’m feeling battle weary, to “look at the way they treated Jesus.”  I at once both feel he’s on target yet also feel like “that was JESUS.  Surely it doesn’t apply in the same way to me.”  The quote above from Matthew’s gospel has typically struck me the same way.  “Yes, but I’m no prophet.”

Jesus didn’t choose giants, rich dudes, people who “had it all together.”  He used people like me.  You know the kind:

  • I should have known better
  • why didn’t I think of that
  • Life is scary
  • Wish I could get my act together
  • Okay, you gave me this, now what do I do with it?
  • You want me to do WHAT?

Maybe something there triggers with you.  Maybe not, but I think I can safely say we all feel weak sometimes.  Man, of late it’s been a profound thing with me.  Thinking about it didn’t help.  Praying didn’t bring the immediate “WOOHOO”  I truly wanted.  Crying, denying, and whining . . . nope.  Lashing out at a friend who THANK YOU JESUS could take it?  Nope, that didn’t help.  Well, maybe.  I’m certain he said an extra prayer.  Not gonna ask him, but it might have been “Lord, I’m getting tired of her today.”  lol  Seriously, think about the Bible stories we know so well.

The Lord uses the weak.  Those hero types?  The amazing prophets?  His worker bees . . . Peter, Thomas, Paul?  His own Mother Mary?  Simple country girl, a murderer, a bunch of sick people, fishermen, tax collectors . . .  and they changed the world.  They changed their own and their faithfulness has changed mine.

Where would I be without Jesus?  Would I know Him if not for those “ordinary” faithful folks?  How easy it could be for any of them to say “Love you Lord, but I’m so tired.  I am not capable of doing this.  Help me know what you REALLY want.  You want me to do what?  The seas are gonna part?  Huh?

  • build an ark?
  • walk all over the world telling folks to turn their hearts to you?  I’m not good with words.
  • They won’t like me if I do that . . .
  • get in a boat with a bunch of wild animals?  Huh?
  • Touch that person?  He’s got . . . you’re gonna heal him through my hands?  ME???

So, I get inspired, then tired . . . and sometimes wonder why He’s not talking to me because I must not have heard Him . . . He surely didn’t just say I am to do that for Him?  Most of us have a friend we can count on to tell us the truth.  The one you ask “does this pair of jeans make my butt look too big?” We sort of hope they’ll say “no you look great” but we need the truth and are better for it.  Surely if our human friends can be truthful and lovingly help us even when the answer isn’t quite what we expected . . . the way not easy . . . Jesus loves us enough to die for us.  He promises we will never be alone.  He asks for our heart and assures us of His power and strength and we can count on His Word.

Wow, do I feel weak.   Suddenly, it seems like an asset.  I used to think I had it all together.  Life didn’t truly begin until I let go of that lie and said yes to Him.  I may falter some, even later on today, but right now I’m rejoicing in my weakness and thankful for His strength.

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for my weakness.  Thank you for breaking my heart so you could fill it with your love.  Thank you for the honor of being your servant, your sheep.  Lead me.  I will follow.  Amen.


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