Are You Looking Through The Wrong Lens?

Read:  Luke 16:15

Thought For The Day:  I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, Ephesians 1:18


I have macular edema. My retinologist assures me he can treat my unhealthy eyes and that my sight will not fail. This can be treated surgically. I’ve had many procedures thus far. Things are better, but there is a lot of healing still needed. My doctor keeps assuring me that things all will be well. Still, when I read my old favorite books I know I’m not seeing things as they used to look before this happened. Why is he so sure . . . I trust my doctor. I do. Really . . . but yet I do not understand . . .

My life is in flux. I moved from all that was familiar to a place I’d dreamed of living and the Lord’s voice was loud and clear that I was following His path for my life. It’s been four years though and many things are good but then there’s a big and scary need that isn’t yet resolved. All will be well, He said and continues to assure me. I trust Him. I really do . . . but yet I don’t understand . . .

I was in the store the one day a while back. My godchild had needed some things to bring back to college with her. I wandered through the pharmacy department. I idly picked up some reading glasses, noticed the price and thought I’d grab a spare pair. Suddenly the still small voice spoke to me and as a result I tried on a few different prescriptions first. I was sure nothing would have changed. I was wrong. I needed a pair with a “lower” strength. My eyes were stronger than they’d been in two years.

No wonder I’ve had a lot of trouble seeing. I was looking through the wrong lens. I have a lot of growing and healing to experience yet and so I’m wondering if the eyes of my heart might also be looking through the wrong lens sometimes . . .

Prayer: Thank you Lord for your loving care.  Teach me to look with the eyes of my heart, your eyes.  Teach me to live and love as you do and to be your good and faithful servant.  Amen.


7 thoughts on “Are You Looking Through The Wrong Lens?

  1. I was reminded yesterday how many years went by before Abraham and Sarah had a baby and how many years went by before David became King. There are many more examples in scripture. We are so used to getting what we ask for in a time that makes sense to us. Hang on sister. You know He sees you and He hears you and He knows your needs. Good things happen over time, but GREAT things happen all at once. 🙂

    • I am dealing, like all of us, with a bunch of heavy things . . . some seemingly immediate and some intense but not seemingly immediate. Some days the gentle rains come and other days more like the eye of the storm, but there’s a good reason why He is God and I am not. Thanks!

  2. I have the same discouragement. I stepped out to follow the Lord’s guidance and gave up a lot of things that were very important to me. I find it hard somedays to trust when so many things seem wantonly destroyed for no reason. Lately that’s improved (my attitude), but I still wonder what was so important as to make that kind of a change.


    • I hear you Nancy. I have realized two things today. One: He uses us to bless others even when we do not know it and thus every word that comes from our lips can be life giving. Two – prayer is HUGE. Words between us and Him don’t matter so much as the TOGETHERNESS and having a trusted and mutually supportive prayer partner relationship is LIFE-GIVING. I have always heard “it’s okay to get mad at God. Tell Him what you’re feeling” I thought two things about that. First, I figured He knew and so why bother to tell Him? the second a simple roll of the eyes reaction. However, anyone who loves a child knows we often “know” what’s going on to some degree at least (being human) but we still desire the intimate relationship and want them to come to us ANYTIME with ANYTHING. He wants this too. I began the day, as a young college student from church just said “like a train wreck.” I still don’t know how “this mess” is gonna play out. Prayer and seeking prayer support from someone I trust have lifted my spirits and renewed my faith and trust even though I still don’t know the why, how, or when. I will likely fall on my face again and again, but He will lift me up. Praying for both of us, Nancy! Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Here’s a great blog post that came up on my reader today that gives some perspective:

        Thanks for the response. I totally agree with you about being able to take anything to God and being able to say “I’m mad at you” or “I don’t trust you”. Yes, he already knows it, but he wants us to have that relationship with him. If I can’t share honestly with him, who can I share with?

        Sometimes he comforts me, other times he tries to assure me (whether I want it or not), and sometimes he laughs at me and I find out why usually sooner rather than later. Those are always a bit embarrassing but he laughs at that too. He’s got a great sense of humor when we act out because we only see him dimly. I’ve never felt judgment when I come to him with honesty and humility. Okay, even when I come with whining and arrogance.

        Here’s a great blog post I did about ranting to God in my prayers. My friend Jane had an equally good response in the comments about God’s love not being dependent on our behavior. And that’s a good thing too.

        Hugs & kisses. Yes, I will be praying for us both.


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