Harvest Season – Thoughts Of Another Garden


Read: Psalm 119:97-99


Thought for the day:  “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.
Luke 15:30-32


Working a bit in the garden got me to thinking, as such tasks so often do. Hands busy while the mind, heart, and soul are set adrift . . . these are usually times I spend with Jesus.


Good Friday came to my mind and I found myself wondering what those very close to Jesus were thinking or doing on that particular day. He had tried to tell His apostles what was going to happen, yet we know they didn’t understand. Though the Bible doesn’t reveal it, I’m thinking He may also have tried to tell His friends in Bethany . . . Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, what was about to happen and if He did, I’m thinking they as well may have misunderstood . . . perhaps on some level they didn’t want to understand.  We don’t really want to accept bad news about our loved ones . . .


Jesus, as we know, was fully human and fully God and as such experienced some of what we do. I’m sure it was difficult to tell His friends He was about to die. He knew them well. He likely knew they’d be upset, yet there was still much to do before His death and surely they’d need to be prepared for what came next . . . He said yes to Father God and yet those short couple of days before “it is finished” could not have been easy at all for Him.


I expect, as was His custom, He likely made a visit to Bethany to the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Assuming they didn’t fully understand what was soon to come, I wonder what they were thinking . . . knowing Jesus well, I”m sure they were concerned. Surely, they’d have noticed a bit of something different about their friend . . . perhaps they were concerned as dear friends are when something “seems wrong.”


Do you suppose they invited Him into the sunroom for a restful cup of tea? I’d really like to do that right now.  I’m in a wilderness just now spiritually.  I know He’s with me, but if you’ve been in a wilderness spiritually or otherwise, you know there’s wildlife, poison ivy and other spooks yet honestly there are also incredible sights and smells and the trouble is, when I am just about blown away by the awe and wonder of it all, that’s when one of those wild creatures suddenly swoops in and scares me.  I know that the Lord is with me, but when one of those hawks come along suddenly, or a wildcat comes running, or it seems I am surrounded by heaven only knows what, but the sounds of their calls seem inches away, my thoughts are no longer of peace, hope, and beauty in the wild, and sure aren’t at that moment on my amazing Jesus who loves me.  Distracted by fear, I lose my focus on Him.


Thinking again of Jesus’ friends back on that seemingly ordinary day when life was about to change, I wonder once again about how amazing it must have been to simply sit in the sunroom with Jesus and hold His hand, as I sometimes do when sitting with someone I love.  Oh, how I’d love to be sitting with Him now.  Hmmm . . .  I believe I will.  There is that special place in my home where I go when I want to talk to him.  If I go sit there right now, I’m sure He’ll be there with me.  He has just the right words to give me hope.  Sometimes, words aren’t even needed.  Just sitting with the one I love is amazing, don’t you think?


Prayer:   Lord, let me feel your strength and confidence when I’m faced with more than I think I can handle.  Remind me that there is nothing we cannot face together.  Hold my hand and lead me in the way you would have me go.  Thank you for always holding me close in your loving care.  Amen


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