About Believing


Read:    John 17:20-22


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Psalm 106:12  “Then they believed his promises and sang his praise.”


“I don’t believe in anything,” he said.  Wow. Think about it. How must life be for the individual who spoke those words to me a while back. I am thinking of it now because I realize I am nothing if I don’t have Christ in me and the Holy Spirit to guard and guide me . . . yet he did say that to me. He was polite. He was direct. He peppered me with questions to defend my faith, he accepted my responses and questioned me further, yet his belief in nothing remained.  He didn’t hear me with the ears of his heart. I can’t call him angry, nor can I call him joyful. I think to have passion you must believe in something even if you do not share my own specific beliefs.  I feel sad for him.   “I don’t believe in anything . . . “


The man wouldn’t call himself an atheist nor an agnostic. In his own words he admitted that to be an atheist he’d have to believe in something and so he couldn’t lay claim to that. Why am I thinking of this now? Well, I balanced the bank account which is a test of my faith and trust in the Lord since I am still seeking financial provision and have been for a long time. I have not yet paid the next of the monthly bills and now find it impossible not to wonder “how much longer . . . ” since the human only sees, with her eyes, that which is of this world.  Yet, I do believe.  Fear hasn’t destroyed me yet.  I see the Lord’s hand in my life and I feel His presence much of the time.  I even hear His voice speaking reassurance to me.  Thinking of how much I love the Lord and of how limitless His love is for me made me sad again for the man who believes in nothing.  I cannot imagine getting through a single day . . . a single moment without my faith.  It seems to me that my existence, my life would have no meaning at all without Him.  “I don’t believe in anything . . . “


It is easy to see the Lord’s hand in great miracles such as blind men seeing and the lame walking, but everything in life is wrapped in His love and His blessings.  Mini-miracles happen all the time.  One by one the “things” in my life over the last few years of “season change” have ceased to function.  These were things I couldn’t see my way to spending money to replace yet each time something broke, the Lord either showed me a new way or had a replacement ready for me even  before I needed it, like the day my coffee maker quit and a friend called and brought one over to my home so quickly I had my morning cup about the same time as usual.  The love of the Lord is huge and comes to us  in many forms . . . fabric an old lady gave me knowing I love to quilt, “can’t use this and thought perhaps you . . . ” In the bag was matching thread too . . . sometimes Jesus blesses us with coffee makers, bits of fabric, and so many things that we do not perhaps think of as miracles, but oh, they are!  “I don’t believe in anything . . . “  I am sorry he doesn’t, but I am so thankful that I have the gift of faith!  I pray he will find it within him as well.


PRAYER:  Thank you Lord for the gift of faith and for keeping your eyes on me even when I take my eyes off you.  Help me to grow stronger in you and show me the way to reflect your Light in the darkness that all may believe.  Amen.


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