Speed Bumps Along Life’s Journey


Read:   Genesis 2:8-10


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Matthew 28:20  “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


Trust versus worry . . . this is a battle that’s gone  on since nearly the beginning of time.  From the familiar story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis to the present, it so often seems that worry comes out ahead.  Think about it.  Gone to the dentist recently?  I dread it and avoid it and I am not alone, yet I’ve always, once the task was done, felt great and promised myself that next time it would be different.  One of these days I hope that’s true.  Thinking of Adam and Eve, I’ve often wondered what made her think she had to have those special apples?  God lived there in the garden with her and gave her everything, yet she worried about not having enough . . . so she took the apple and the promise of wisdom which supposedly came with it.  Adam agreed with Eve and ate.  They sure regretted their lack of trust.  I shake my head over the story, but I am not any different and I know better.


In my life there have been many seasons and with each one came growth.  With each one came worry as well.  There were good things and bad and as I look back, I can see how the Lord used all things for my good.  I can see that He enabled me, as well, to share my trials and triumphs with others so that they, too, might  benefit from them.  He placed people in my path to likewise share with me.  Yet, here I am in a period of change of season and some days it seems the storms will never pass.  I could walk on ahead and dance to the rhythm of the raindrops, but all too often I stand still and idly get soaked.  He lets me get wet, however, like my earthly Daddy did, He remains near and at the right time, as only He knows best, He takes me by the hand and we walk ahead together.  The adult should recognize a pattern in all this and allow herself to enjoy this closeness with her Heavenly father.  Walking in the rain, once the initial shock is over, can actually be a lot of fun.  The challenge of facing up to difficulties with God’s hand holding tightly to my own, should be exhilarating.  In hindsight, I have always eventually come to the conclusion that “wow, that was awesome” but I also know that my little girl self is just now saying “Are we there yet?”  Hearing no answer, do I walk on in trust and patience?  No, I tend to keep asking “are we almost there?  When will be get there?”  It’s not raining today.  My soul is dancing today.  I feel His hand holding me close and anticipate the wonders to come from all He’s showing me and teaching me on the journey!  Worry may return tomorrow and like speed bumps, it’ll slow me down.  His hand will always be close though and while speed bumps do slow me down, I know with His hand in mine, I’ll get there.  Trust will win and my heart will rejoice in the victory!


Prayer:  Lord, give me stronger faith and teach me.  Let me know the shelter I always have in you.  Guide me in your truth that I may learn what you desire for me and that I may be a good and faithful servant.  Amen.


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