Strength and Success Redefined


Read:  2 Corinthians 12:8-10


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  The meek also shall increase their joy in the LORD, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 29:18-20


Famous poet, author, and oh so much more, Maya Angelou said and I quote “success is loving life and daring to live it.” Can there be a better way to express the commission we have been given, as Christians, to be Disciples of Christ in the world today? As I turned on the news one morning not too long ago I  heard, as is so often the case, stories of arson, of cruelty one individual inflicts on another, stories of our government infighting which, we were told, could cause countless numbers of us not to receive our monthly income, and stories of disasters around the world . . . I turned the television set off. I had heard enough. I then read the quote from Angelou and wondered how can I bring this message to those in darkness and lead them to the light of Christ? The answer came to me quickly but in the form of another question. How can I not???? Has there ever been a time when His love was more needed? Dear readers, His love is in our hearts. His Holy Spirit is there to guide us and guard us. We are broken and we are weak, but in Him we are strong! We have His wholeness within us and His strength to rely on. I’ve heard it said that “Christianity is not for wimps.” I am not so sure.  Hmmm . . . wimps . . . the weak.

I’ve searched for success as this world sees it my entire life. Yet, it’s a goal that I feel can never truly satisfy me even if I reach it. Many times I have thought I had reached it. The things of this life entice me, but getting what I ask for has so often led to disappointment. It leads me to keep seeking and without Christ leading me, I am more than a bit like the dog that keeps chasing its own tail. I never quite achieve what I believed was in sight. My earthly eyes somehow do not see clearly enough regardless of how strong they are. Through Christ, the eyes of my heart . . . my soul see things in a whole new way, and a far better one. I don’t believe the cliché that “Christianity is for wimps” is true. I must surrender my own will and my own dubious strength and yield to Him . . . for that is where my strength lies. That is where my joy comes from. That is where I can truly, as Angelou spoke, love life and dare to live! Life in Christ – it is there for you! Do you dare to live it?

Prayer:  Lord teach me to see through your eyes and love with your heart.  Help me to surrender to you so that in my weakness, I may live in your strength and yours alone.  Amen



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